FDNY's Rescue 1 Responds to One World Trade Center wearing a Foxfire Helmet tet. 

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TEDx Cincinnati- A firefighter's Plan to Bring Light Out of the Darkness

Posted By: Zachary Green Thursday, September 10, 2015

MN8 Foxfire CEO Zachary Green speaks at a TEDx event in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Check out the motivational video below on how a firefighter became and entrepreneur using Advanced Photoluminescent Technology (glow in the dark) to help firefighters increase accountability and reduce disorientation.  The company that was started out of the trunk of his car now has over 65,000 firefighters using this life saving technology. MN8 Foxfire recently created a new division called LumAware that distributes UL certified EXIT signs and other safety and egress solutions that are energy free and do not require batteries, electricity or power.

FRI 2015 Foxfire and Honeywell

Posted By: Zachary Green Monday, August 24, 2015



Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Fire

Posted By: Zachary Green Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Hotel Business Features MN8 Foxfire Photoluminescent Solutions

Posted By: Zachary Green Wednesday, June 24, 2015



MN8 Foxfire Teams with Honeywell to Bring Life-Saving Photoluminescent Technology to Honeywell First Responder Products

Posted By: Zachary Green Wednesday, June 3, 2015



Washington DC Power Outage

Posted By: Zachary Green Tuesday, April 7, 2015



MN8 Foxfire and LEED

Posted By: Zachary Green Friday, March 13, 2015


WVXU- Cincinnati Edition

Posted By: Zachary Green Monday, March 9, 2015



University of Oregon Law Library Selects MN8 Foxfire for its New Photoluminescent Emergency Exit System

Posted By: Zachary Green Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MN8-Foxfire, developer of photoluminescent safety products, today announced that the University of Oregon (UO) Law Library chose MN8 Foxfire for its new photoluminescent emergency exit system to provide safe evacuation in any condition


Photoluminescence Technology Saves Lives, Energy and Costs

Posted By: Zachary Green Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The following article was published in Spring 2015 issue of North American Builders 

Anything with batteries or electricity will fail when you need it most. Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) safety and egress systems are more effective.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This could not be more true when it comes to emergency planning. Today, most safety signage and markings rely on highly visible colors or reflective materials that become ineffective during a blackout. Moreover, battery-powered systems and back-up generators, used as redundancy systems for emergency and egress lighting, are unreliable and create an immense false sense of security.

In fact, “back-up generators fail 20 to 30 percent of the time,” found Arshad Mansoor, senior vice president for R&D at the Electric Power Research Institute. This is mostly because generators are not properly maintained or used.

“It’s maintenance related,” says Dan Zimmerle, assistant research professor at Colorado State University. “For instance, if you don’t burn diesel fuel sitting in the tank, it will start to degrade and clog the fuel filters. Things that don’t get used tend to fail.” 

Click here to see the 50 REASONS GENERATORS FAIL

Battery-powered lighting and egress systems are not only inherently unreliable, but it is also very time-consuming and expensive to maintain them. Typical testing for just 500 electric exit signs can run between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.


Add the costs of energy usage, replacement batteries and bulbs, in addition to labor costs, and the expenses just keep piling up. As a result, proper maintenance and inspections do not get completed.

An independent test was recently completed at several randomly selected hotels. Out of 169 fixtures tested for 30 seconds, a whopping 46 of them – or 27 percent – failed the test. The bottom line is anything with batteries or electricity will fail when you need it most.

However, there is a more effective and energy- efficient solution with zero maintenance costs – photoluminescence safety and egress systems.


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