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  • How are Foxfire products charged?
    Foxfire products are charged from exposure to any light source including sunlight, vehicle lights and any type of interior lights. With Foxfire, there is no need for external batteries, electrical power or energy sources other than light. Sunlight provides the fastest and strongest charging power, however you can get an adequate charge just off the scene lights apparatus.
  • How long does it take to charge Foxfire products?
    The brighter and longer the light exposure each product receives, the longer and brighter the glow. However, the maximum light exposure needed to fully charge products is 5 to 10 minutes. Glow brightness is not impacted by charging longer than 10 minutes.
  • How long will Foxfire products glow?
    Our products will emanate (MN8) light for as long as firefighters are in offensive operations. A typical charge provides bright burn (emanation) for 20-40 minutes. In laboratory settings, we have observed illumination from two hours to up to 20 hours on a full charge—depending on the product. Foxfire tetrahedrons offer the shortest amount of illumination time, while Foxfire coating kits provide the longest. Our products will emanate light longer than the time a firefighter’s air bottle lasts while he or she is in a fire. Glow will be visible for many hours.
  • How many times can Foxfire products be recharged?
    Foxfire products may be charged indefinitely. The glow does not fade over time or degrade unless exposed to such high heat that would permanently damage your gear.
  • Our tools are stored in a dark compartment. How will they charge if they are coated or wrapped with Foxfire products?
    Because Foxfire products will charge with as little as one candle power of light, apparatus bays, lockers and fire truck cabs usually have enough ambient light to charge our products. Also scene lighting will charge Foxfire products by the time firefighters make entry into a structure since they must first stretch and flake the hose, throw ground ladders, don masks, check in with command and more. During this time, their tools, helmet bands and other Foxfire products will be charging from the scene lighting. It may not be as bright as a direct sunlight charge, but it will still work.
  • Do Foxfire products require cleaning?
    It is important to occasionally clean Foxfire products. All that is needed is warm, soapy water on a clean washcloth or rag. For stubborn stains, a mild degreaser may be used. When Foxfire products like helmet bands get smoke stained, a simple cleaning will help them glow as bright as the day they were new.
  • What makes Foxfire products glow?
    Photo-luminescent pigments work by being energized by light and then emitting that energy slowly as high visibility glowing color. Just like rechargeable batteries, before you get anything out of them, you have to put something in. And just like a battery, it takes time to charge the pigment up. During testing, exposing samples for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds all generated glows that were equally bright, but two hours later, the sample that had charged for 10 minutes was twice as bright as the one that only charged for 30 seconds. Again, we found that charging more than 10 minutes does not significantly impact glow time.
  • How is the glow from Foxfire products different than glow-in-the dark toys?
    The glow-in-the-dark toys you may remember from your childhood used a zinc sulfide-based pigment that did not burn very long or brightly. The newer aluminum strontium pigment that we use is the highest grade photo-luminescent pigment on the market. We have a proprietary process that allows our pigment to be super loaded in our various products giving it super longevity and maximum after-glow characteristics.
  • Are Foxfire products safe?
    Our products are non-toxic, non-radioactive and very safe. The pigment we use is a metal alloy pigment that is mainly aluminum and nonradioactive strontium (used in calcium tablets to sensitive toothpaste).
  • How durable are Foxfire products?
    Our products are firefighter-resistant and NOT firefighter-proof. After all, a firefighter could break a solid steel bowling ball if he or she wanted to. Foxfire helmet and equipment bands are made with an industrial-grade, high temperatureresistant silicone. This is the same silicone that is used in cooking mitts, spatulas and the O-rings used in rockets. Our helmet bands have been tested at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes with no issues. We have testimonials from firefighters that have been exposed to flashover conditions with no damage to his or her Foxfire products. However, Foxfire products are not indestructible and could fail if over-stretched or exposed to temperatures in excess of 700 degrees. The bands, Tets and Bars have been certified by the Underwriter Laboratories to be compliant with NFPA 1971. Foxfire illuminating epoxy is made from the highest-grade industrial epoxy. The product covers with one coat and has a protective gloss finish. This is the same epoxy that is used on floors of laboratories and surgical rooms. It does not conduct electricity and is oil resistant. Although it is very durable, it could crack or chip if forcefully struck but can be easily recoated. It has been tested at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes with no issues.
  • Are your products compliant with NFPA standards?
    NFPA 1971 allows for non-permanent accessories on PPE. Our illuminating helmet and SCBA bands are easily removed and will not compromise the safety of any PPE or tools. Our illuminating epoxy is very durable and comes with a non-slip additive for use on hand-tool handles. All of our products have passed open flame for 5 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit tests. We have certification from Underwriters Laboratory showing compliance with NFPA 1971.
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