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Created by a firefighter, Zachary Green,  MN8-Foxfire® is a company that prides itself on illuminating safety — literally.

Zachary Green is a former infantryman with the United States Marine Corps and was working as a volunteer firefighter when he envisioned a tremendous benefit of photoluminescent technology in firefighting. Quickly realizing the potential for photoluminescent equipment and other items for firefighters, Green founded MN8-Foxfire® in 2010. Now, Green is MN8-Foxfire’s president — when he’s not off fighting fires, of course.


Our products utilize advanced photoluminescent technology. Advanced Photoluminescence Technology is virtually the highest output glow-in-the-dark technology available on the market. It is not just the highest grade photoluminescence pigment but also the propriatary application of this pigment in various products.


Some of these materials initially can emit light output over 1,000+ mcd/m2 and can continue to emit light up to 80 hours* when fully charged. This technology has been tested by UL to meet or exceed the ASTM E2072/3 international standards for photoluminescence safety materials.


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